The Pigs - Youthanasia

  • The Pigs - Youthanasia
  • The Pigs - Youthanasia

The Pigs were a Bristol-based punk rock band formed in 1977.

In August that year they recorded an EP, “Youthanasia”, for the independent label New Bristol Records. They were featured on bills with bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees and their high-energy live shows generated positive reviews on magazines such as Melody Maker. Unfortunately, the chance to open for the Sex Pistols went up in smoke when the venue mysteriously burned down the night before the gig… Nevertheless, the EP enabled the Pigs to play at famous venues like Marquee and Roxy Club, often supporting The Cortinas. However, disillusionment set in at the increasingly mainstream direction of the punk movement: early in 1978, they split up. Now, after so many years, you can finally listen to their great sound with these 14 killer tracks!
Limited to 400 copies