Chainbreaker Bike Book - An Illustrated Manual of Radical Bicycle Maintenance, Culture, & History


by Ethan Clark and Shelley Lynn Jackson

Repair Your Bike & Your Bicycle Community!
An updated and expanded edition of our hand-illustrated and accessible introduction to the world of bike repair! Through working at both Plan-B Bike Project and French Quarter Bicycles in New Orleans, our co-authors have gathered a wealth of experience to share with would-be bicycle mechanics. The first half of this book is a complete repair manual to get you started on choosing the right bike for you, riding that bike, and fixing it when it breaks down. The second half reprints all four issues of the Chainbreaker zine, whose originals were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

This is the best bicycle repair manual that we have, and the one that many of us here at Microcosm use to fix our own bikes. It's incredibly useful for fixing older bikes, and the illustrated instructions help you suss out how to fix a wide variety of issues whatever kind of bike you have, whether it's a beater or a vintage classic.

224 pages, 7x8.5", paperback (17 oz)

Published April 9, 2019

ISBN 9781621061267

Publisher: Microcosm Publishing