Paranoid Visions - Halo Of Phlegh


PARANOID VISIONS – HALO OF PHLEGM (The Vinyl Countdown Part 4, Refreshed Exposures)
Pressed on absolutely stunning GLOW IN THE DARK vinyl and with a neon green and black cover, Halo Of Phlegm is as much of a visual feast as it is a historical and aural artifact.
Recorded between 1988 and 1989, Halo of Phlegm as to be the follow up album to Schizophrenia until the line-up imploded and the distributor locked horns with FOAD about releasing on CD instead of Vinyl. The end result was the entire album was shelved.
Some of these tracks have been heard in different formats and on various compilations albums, but this is the first time the entire album has been compiled together in the format it was intended… musically its the sound of a band at its tightest and most creative up to that point and is particularly unique as its the only Paranoid Visions album recorded as a four piece.