The Electric Chairs - S/T


Future transgender pioneer Jayne County began as Wayne County, starring in Femme Fatale with Patti Smith and fronting the Backstreet Boys at CBGB and Max’s Kansas City, where County was an early punk deejay. Moving to London in 1977, County formed controversial proto-punk band, The Electric Chairs and this immortal self-titled debut LP, released by Safari Records in 1978, has many highlights, like the Teddy Boy-meets-punk of ‘Eddie and Sheena’ and full punk ‘Out Of Control’ and ‘On The Crest’; even the spacy ‘Plain Of Nazca’ is a mighty rockin’ storm, led by JJ Johnson’s pounding rolls and Greg Van Cook’s jagged guitar, though ‘Big Black Window’ somehow ropes in shades of country and blues-rock and ‘Rock And Roll Resurrection’ sums up County’s ethos, excessive, filthy and raw. In a word: indispensable!

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