45 Adapters - Now Or Never


For well over a decade now, 45 Adapters have been bouncing around Brooklyn with their infectious, danceable blend of punk, ska, oi, R&B, and good old fashioned rock and roll. Think maybe Swingin’ Utters or Booze & Glory for comparison. While they’ve only managed one proper full length in that time, they’ve been pretty consistent in their output. Now Or Never is the band’s 5th EP, and there’s also a split 7-inch with Stomper 98 and a compilation LP of early material.

Now Or Never is a six song EP, and it’s certainly the 45 Adapters best looking release to date. Physically, it’s only available as a single sided, 45RPM, digitally printed, 12-inch clear vinyl picture disc. (The image is of a dark skinned skinhead beating on the Grim Reaper.) As attractive as it is on the outside, the music on the inside is the real star. Thank you PunkNews.Org

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