Billy No Mates - S.F. Sourdough


Released on March 19th! Available soon!!

Limited to 160 copies on marbled Blue vinyl

10 YEARS sat on the sidelines, waiting for the opportunity to show itself to the world...please welcome THE LP from..."Billy No Mates USA"!!!

Billy (AKA Duncan Redmonds) decided way back in November 2010 that it was time that North America should be the next continent to lend some of its musical talents to this very global project! The premise of Billy No Mates USA was a simple one: - one that had already spawned LPs from both 'BNM West/UK' and 'BNM East/Japan' - to lock up three Yankee punks in a studio with the mad scientist himself until they had either gone completely Lord Of The Flies on each other, or produced something worth committing to record! Fortunately for everyone, the latter ensued and what you (almost) hold in your hands is the very first issuance of that studio recording...the "Sourdough" LP.

These 12 tracks, which were recorded in Motor Studios San Francisco, with a melodic punk all-star team of musicians.... Joey "The Caper" Cape (Lagwagon, Me FIrst & The Gimme Gimmes), Tyson "Chicken" Annicharico (Dead To Me, ex-Western Addiction) and Sergie, umm..."the Loob(??)" Loobkoff (Samiam, Knapsack) pooled their collective talents to create this heady mix of skate-punk/hardcore/sea-shanty perfection! In fact for one night only back then (2010), lucky punters at Thee Parkside would have been able to see the band play their one & only show together!

Throw in artwork by none other than self-confessed Snuff-geek Chris Shary, and the package is complete!

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