Brick By Brick - Dismal Existence


On Clear Blue vinyl
Born out of Troy, NY's infamous hardcore scene in 2004, but having attacked the scene seriously since 2015, Brick By Brick has relentlessly cultivated their reputation as a hybrid hardcore and metal force. This is their new record, "Dismal Existence." It's just a continuation on a devastating legacy and one that proves Brick By Brick remains determined to become one of the world's premier hardcore acts.

Track Listing:

1. Evil Remains
2. Infiltrate
3. Full Of Hell
4. From My Eyes
5. The Hunted
6. Can't Be Broken
7. Whiskey Is The Truth
8. Loyal To The Grave
9. Liar, Deceiver
10. Tearing Down
11. Just Look Around
12. Just Look Around (remix)

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