Mood Of Defiance - Now


Limited 500 vinyl reissue, including reproduction of the three original inserts.
First 150 copies on clear vinyl !! (THIS ONE !! )

Los Angeles experimental punk band Mood Of Defiance was formed in Hermosa Beach in 1981 by teenaged lead singer Rachel Morgan, known as "Screaming Bitch Rachel" or Hatha Watha, and drummer Richie Wilder of Saccharine Trust, recruiting initial guitarist TA Black and bassist Kevin Ball from an advertisement. After cutting a demo, Black and Ball were replaced by Danny Dean Phillips and Gary Kail from ANTI, moonlighting in this side project for debut album 'Now', released on Phillips' and Kail's New Underground label, drummer Thaddeus also features. Opener "Divided States Of America" set the disc's defiant punk tone, though "Sticky Lips' and "Girl In A Painting" show broader musical dexterity. An important piece of southern California punk history finally back on vinyl after 38 years.

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